Your safety is our top priority!

Safety Procedures

  • We have applied the Microshield 360 product to all common touchpoints including slot machines, chairs, table games, and restaurants.  This product creates a barrier that kills bacteria and viruses for a full year.  Tests show a 95% reduction in contamination levels on treated surfaces versus untreated.  It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so allow for use on virtually any surface in the casino.  It is also EPA registered and FDA approved. Learn more about Microshield
  • You will see us cleaning areas of high traffic with increased frequency; this will be handled not only by our Housekeeping staff, but everyone will be chipping in to help.
  • All employees and guests will be required to wear masks, and you may even see many of our employees wearing gloves.
  • We have invested in thermal cameras to take the temperature of all people entering the building without lines or congregating so you can get to where you are going fast and conveniently.
  • We are increasing the intake of fresh air into the building and we have changed out all the air filters in the property and will have a shorter replacement cycle.
  • We will have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes throughout the properties, and you will see our “Clean Team” disinfecting slot machines after use.
  • Signage will be posted for distancing requirements with recommendations from health experts about how to stay safe.
  • Restaurants will observe social distancing and have instituted additional safety measures such as more frequent cleaning, single use paper menus, and staff-served buffet items.
  • Restaurants will abide by the current state regulations and can only have up to 50 guests at any one time.
  • The White Buffalo Grille will be on reservation only with no walk ups.
  • During opening we have removed slot chairs and our slot machine occupancy will be limited to observe social distancing.
  • Due to the limited space, the VIP office will be temporarily closed to guests.  The VIP Hosts are happy to meet with you at your machine to take care of your needs.