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Indulge in your favorite dish! From all-day breakfast to surf & turf, we’ve got something to keep all your taste buds happy!

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What's Happening

Club 50

Tuesdays 8am – 8pm

When earning 100 points that day, Guests 50 or over will receive a free meal (up to $15) at Lucille Malone’s, plus a random point multiplier up to 5X


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Our History

The Gilpin blends a long history with modern-day gaming and fun, with all the latest slot machines in addition to your old favorites. We have a history of winners and are sure to produce many more in the future!


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Treasure Trove


Arrr, mateys! ‘Tis time fer a grand treasure hunt at The Gilpin! Ye be gettin’ an entry fer every 25 points ye earn. We’ll be announcin’ a lucky scallywag every 30 minutes to choose a treasure chest and plunder up to $1,000 in shiny doubloons (actually e-Cash).

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